Undercover Worshippers

Is your church really as friendly as it claims to be? Can guests easily find your restrooms? How engaging is your pastor? How useful is your bulletin? What would make a visitor return? What might scare her away forever?

Undercover Worshippers is a visitor exchange project designed for Hampton Roads area churches looking for the type of feedback they'd get from glitzy consultants without any of the cost. All that we ask is that someone from your congregation be willing to serve as an Undercover Worshipper at another local church. The idea is simple:
  • Your church requests a visitor. 
  • We work with a volunteer who agrees to attend worship at your church and offer feedback on the experience.
  • We collect information from the volunteer using our detailed forms and a follow-up interview. 
  • We consolidate that information into a narrative report for your use.
  • Your church supplies us with a volunteer who is willing to visit and report on another area congregation. 
  • We release our report on your congregation only after your volunteer has completed her report on the church she visited. 
It's just that easy! At the end of the process you'll have information to share with your leadership and congregation on everything from your website, signage and facilities to the clarity of your announcements, the friendliness of your ushers and the bitterness of your coffee. You'll know which greeters deserve a thank-you note and which halls could use a fresh coat of paint. 

And there are no limits on how you use the program. Request five different visitors in one month to get a wider range of perspectives or ask for one guest every three months to help track your progress toward becoming a more welcoming congregation. As long as you have someone from your church to send as a visitor to another congregation, we'll keep sending visitors to yours.

Check out The Undercover Worshipper's Guide to Undercover Worship for more information. You can even volunteer for missions. Enlisting as a field agent is a great way of serving local churches. Partner with us so that any church visit could become a research opportunity.

Are you ready to get started? Do you have any questions? Let's do this!