"Glory to God" Hymnal: A Comparative Resource

On Monday, April 9, 2012, the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song released the contents list for the forthcoming PC(USA) hymnal "Glory to God." For those wishing to explore the list in a more dynamic way, I've created a spreadsheet containing the hymn titles from "Glory to God" with their corresponding entries in several other resources. The column headings in this spreadsheet refer to the following resources:

Column Resource
1990The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs. Louisville, KY:
     Westminster/John Knox Press, 1990.
STF Sing the Faith. Louisville, Ky: Geneva Press, 2003.
SNC Sing! A New Creation. Grand Rapids, Mich: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship,
AAHH African American Heritage Hymnal. Chicago: GIA Publications, Inc, 2001.
W&R Worship & Rejoice. Carol Stream, Ill: Hope Pub. Co, 2001.
ELW Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Fortress, 2006.
PsAS Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship. Grand Rapids, Mich:
     Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2012.
WB The Worshipbook: Services and Hymns. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1972.
1955 The Hymnbook. Richmond: Presbyterian Church in the U.S, 1955.
Other If I found no instance of a title in any of the above resources, I used this space to
     note another hymnal where the work could be found.

It is my hope that this spreadsheet might prove useful for those wishing to compare the contents of "Glory to God" with the resources already available to them in their pews or through copyright licenses. I also intend for the spreadsheet to be helpful for those wishing to locate instances of hymns which might be unfamiliar to them. I am of course also excited about ways in which you might use the spreadsheet to evaluate the contents of the new hymnal, and I hope you'll share links to blog entries and other venues where you discuss the hymnal.

This spreadsheet is a work in progress. It was compiled using an earlier release of the "Glory to God" hymn list containing only titles and tunes, and I expect it to require corrections and updates as more information is released and as more people proof it through use. Please email me or find me on Facebook or Twitter to suggest corrections.

The latest version of the spreadsheet will always be available on Google Documents. Here you can view the spreadsheet, but if you want to manipulate the data, you'll need to choose File > Make a Copy to save the spreadsheet to your own Google Documents collection. You can also download a copy of the spreadsheet for use in Excel or OpenOffice and you can save the spreadsheet as a PDF all by choosing File > Download as and then your chosen file type.

Click here to access "'Glory to God' Hymnal: A Comparative Resource"

Upon request, I have also created a listing of hymns from the 1990 PC(USA) hymnal and Sing the Faith not included in "Glory to God." If a hymn text had more than one setting in the 1990 hymnal, the committee for "Glory to God" often chose to include only one pairing for that text. In those cases I indicate the included tune in the final column. 

Click here to access "Hymns from the 1990 PC(USA) Hymnal Not in 'Glory to God'"

Click here to access "Hymns from 'Sing the Faith' Not in 'Glory to God'"

Many thanks to Matthew Thompson for supplying the listing of hymns from "Glory to God" that appear in The Worshipbook and The Hymnbook. You can thank Matthew by finding him on Twitter.