Monday, August 22, 2011

Invite Your Community to Join Us!

We are excited about the number of people who have already indicated that they are joining The Heavenly Banquet as we read Augustine's Confessions together. We are sure to have a fine time, but we'll have an even better experience if we gain even more participants. Here are a few ways you can help spread the word about this project:

1. Tweet about us! Tweet links to our posts to your followers. Send invitations to your friends. Tweet about The Heavenly Banquet using your denomination, church or conference hashtag. Also, please try to include the hashtag #hbchat on your Heavenly Banquet tweets. You can also monitor that hashtag to connect with others joining the project.

2. Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook! Like us on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same by sharing the page on your wall and through messages. You won't only be promoting The Heavenly Banquet, but you'll also be prepared to receive the latest updates and to enter the most recent discussions. Also, when you see a new blog post on The Heavenly Banquet, we hope you might consider posting a link to it on your wall as well. 

3. Consider placing a notice in your newsletter or announcements! The flexibility of The Heavenly Banquet offers a unique Christian education opportunity for those whose schedules prevent them from committing to a regular church school class. Why not invite members of your community to join us? Here is some sample copy below that you might alter for your use:
The Heavenly Banquet is an online community which gathers to read and discuss classics of Christian spirituality. Modeled as a book club, The Heavenly Banquet serves as a resource for readers wishing to explore material from the patristic and medieval periods in the company of others without being bound to regular meetings or a fixed schedule. Guests of The Heavenly Banquet will have the flexibility of participating as much or as little as they like when and if they choose.  
The table will be set on September 12, 2011 when we'll open our feast with Augustine's Confessions. Each week blog entries, video responses and articles will be posted to foster conversation, and participants will be invited to contribute their thoughts by commenting on the entries, submitting their own video or audio responses, and engaging the chatter on Twitter. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with classic texts, interact with Christians from diverse backgrounds and experiment with social media. Learn more about The Heavenly Banquet and join the feast by visiting!
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for The Heavenly Banquet.

Think of ways you might use resources from The Heavenly Banquet in your own context. If you find that a group from your congregation intends to participate in the feast, then you might consider hosting opportunities for them to gather to chat about the book. Be inventive! We only hope that you might share your experiments with us!

4. Call, email and chat about The Heavenly Banquet with your friends! This experience is only going to be as good as its participants. Do you know someone who might benefit from this? Someone whose insights you value? Someone whose company you enjoy? Don't be shy! Invite her to join you!

Thanks for spreading the word! Please post any other ideas you have in the comments below and do let us know if you have any questions!

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